Kindle All Stars offers Fan Fiction opportunity

Just a quick one to highlight the exciting opportunity for Fan fiction currently being offered by Kindle All Stars. See Bernard Schaffer’s blog for details but it looks like anyone with a penchant for any out of a vast myriad of sci fi and fantasy canon can get involved and submit their tale for consideration. I confess I’ve had a cross series Star Trek tale in me for some years now so it’s full steam ahead to see if I can get it down in time and get it submitted for critical review. Wish me luck !

Ebook Review – Far From Home

Far From Home, by Tony Healey



Follow the adventures of Captain King and the crew of the Defiant, pulled through a black hole, far from everything they have ever known.

If you liked Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and Star Wars then you will LOVE the Far From Home series, a 12-book epic adventure unlike anything you’ve ever read!”


The basic story of Far From Home is not complex and is in fact abundantly clear from its title.  A ship and crew somehow lost and far from where they should be.  OK, so far so ST:Voyager, the question is whether it works and whether it is readable.

From its description it appears that the plan is for 12 instalments, each building on and developing the story.  So far Part 1 is available as a free taster, Part 2 is a snip at 66p and Part 3 comes in at an increased £1.02 (prices correct as at date of posting).

I thought I’d review parts 1 and 2 together as this seemed the most logical, at least for me, as after reading Part 1 I was compelled to find out what next.  However, partly as it wasn’t available straight after I’d done with Part 2, I haven’t yet read Part 3.  Whilst I’m keen to read on I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  This then perhaps takes us some way to answering did it work – I think it does, but perhaps not flawlessly.

As to a more detailed consideration, from the outset I’ll declare I am slightly partisan as being a lifelong fan of the Star Trek universe I was attracted to the story, filling as it does a gap keenly felt since the end of the ST:Enterprise series.

Whether it was the author’s purpose, I know not, but the story is very derivative of the ST universe, even borrowing the name Defiant and drawing on other very Trek names and concepts.  As I mentioned, the whole far from home story line is very Voyager, even down to the Female captain.  However, without wishing to spoil, there is a definite spatial difference in their predicament.

As a story it certainly has a lot of potential.  It will be interesting to see which way it goes, and I can see the characters shaping up nicely with a good chance of interesting developments as they all try to pull together, or perhaps fall apart.  I must say though that I’m not sure where the flyboy introduced early on will fit in, and the revelation we were subjected to towards the end of the second volume jarred slightly – you’ll know what I mean when you get there – but in fairness if you’d had your wits about you as you read it did not entirely come out of the blue, unlike its delivery by the character concerned!

Whilst I, unreservedly, very much like the story it does run the risk of being too closely compared with the long established Trek universe.  Whether this will be unfavourably so I think will depend on the knowledge and fanaticism of the reader.  I can see some diehard ST fans becoming annoyed by the too oft similarities.  Whilst I’m not in that category I confess it did on occasion slightly irk.

That being said my honest view is that I greatly enjoyed the two parts so far and am quite sure that I will be hanging in there with King and her crew for as long as they’ll have me. Down with the Dominion (Draxx of course)!


4 stars

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Far From Home