Kindle All Stars offers Fan Fiction opportunity

Just a quick one to highlight the exciting opportunity for Fan fiction currently being offered by Kindle All Stars. See Bernard Schaffer’s blog for details but it looks like anyone with a penchant for any out of a vast myriad of sci fi and fantasy canon can get involved and submit their tale for consideration. I confess I’ve had a cross series Star Trek tale in me for some years now so it’s full steam ahead to see if I can get it down in time and get it submitted for critical review. Wish me luck !

Ebook Review – Memories with Maya

Memories with Maya, by Clyde Dsouza



Cutting through genres, Memories With Maya touches on today’s hard science focus: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Transhumanism and Technological Singularity, and how these disciplines will affect Human emotions, relationships and our very evolution as a species.


Memories with Maya was a book I was invited to review by its author Clyde Dsouza, and I’m grateful to him for the opportunity.

It is an intriguing tale that at its core deals with the often tricky complexities of human relationships and loss. Overlaid is a neat story about two clever guys and their ideas for the next big thing in “augmented reality” – what some of us will remember as VR but what the world will more likely come to know as Google glass or some such like. Fortunately there is not a lawnmower man in sight.

I found the story to be a good one grounded in an interesting concept and not too long. However, for me, the shorter length was a slight draw back. I think the book might have benefited from letting the story breathe and grow little more. Whilst I left it with good thoughts I was also left wanting more, which is no doubt a plus for the author and his writing style. I think my issue was that I felt there was a level or dimension to the story that could have been made more of and I noticed it. That’s not to say the book as it stands is not good. As I hope is clear, I think it is, and I’d definitely recommend it. That being said it probably would have earned itself a 15 rating in old BBFC classifications given some of the ‘adult’ themes but again this was well done, not sleazy or titillating and in places tender and evocative of the relationship which was at the core of the tale

If I was to be hypercritical I think the two threads of the narrative didn’t quite mesh or sit as comfortably together as they might, and the key moment when things changed was a little out of the blue, with the aftermath too quickly dealt with. Nevertheless I think it worked, certainly well enough for the story to be very readable, compelling and enjoyable. What we end up with is a relatively traditional tale about a boy and a girl mixed up with an interesting take on where technology might be headed, and the many possibilities and ethical dilemmas it might bring.

I commend the story and give it a solid 3 and a half stars.

_3 1-2 stars




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