1,000 word challenge

Cripes! No posts for months then two come along at once!

Well I’m now keen to move on with my next book or books. One is a follow up to Counterpoint (working title Mars Rising) and another adventure for Jake Trant whilst the other is a collection of short stories.

To get me moving I’ve managed to pen a rough 6k or so words of “Mars Rising” but need to press on and keep up the momentum. I’ve therefore set myself a challenge to write 1k words a day. Whether they be for this new novel, another one still in gestation or a short. Just to get the juices flowing.

Let’s see if i can maintain till December 25th !

I’m also trialling my post via email thingammy so here’s a test hyperlink to my main site.

Been a long time…

Well it’s been a little while since my last post. Combination of crazy work and family holiday but the interim has seen my first reviews on Amazon. Very happy with my four star (Amazon US) and five star (Amazon UK) reviews. Hopefully my giveaway on LibraryThing will net me a few more reviews in the coming months. Fingers crossed they’ll also be good ones!