Short stories

Well a few more sales via Amazon and Smashwords have bucked me up. Clearly I need to market more but for now I’m focusing on some short stories via some of the better known scifi outlets.

So far I’ve got something in for consideration with Daily Science Fiction and another with Asimov. I’ve got plenty of ideas so the plan is to try and get out a story every week, or maybe every two if work and family allow!

I’m keen to get on with my next novel but I think investing in some short fiction now will be good for visibility; provided I get it published of course! It then lends itself to an anthology once I’ve got a body of work together. Obviously the more published pieces I can include the better.

Well onward and upward.

Publish, publish, publish

In addition to a presence on social networking, other people’s blogs and indeed forums such as Goodreads, a key limb of my strategy must surely also be to consistently produce good writing and get that out there.

To this end I submitted my first piece of flash fiction the other day to Daily Science Fiction. Who knows what they’ll think of it but it was certainly fun to write.

I’m focusing for now on SFWA approved outlets but from my trawling of the web I know there are plenty of other outlets to try, some which pay a little or not at all. Clearly compensation is a help but right now I am of the view that it may be more important that Tom S.Christian is simply read by people. After all, from acorns oak trees grow. We’ll see.

Promoting my ebook – Blog Reviews / Author interviews

As well as forums, another potentially rich seam I’ve been looking into are spots on other people’s blogs either by securing a review, or by guest blogging, or even providing an interview about me, my book, or indeed my characters.

Not sure yet about the how’s and where’s of guest blogging, but I’ve submitted a few book review requests to people who might like my writing so let’s see how I get on.  I’m hoping a few decent reviews on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon will help promote awareness of my writing.

I’ve also managed to get an author interview with Laurie Jenkins on her blog, hopefully for sometime during May so keep your eyes posted for that.  Many thanks to Laurie for her interest.

Raising my Profile

Well I’ve been trawling the web for days now for the various ways to get Counterpoint out and about and I must say it is both easy and hard.  Easy in so far as on the surface there appear to be a surfeit of potential avenues but then hard in that there are no easy options – surprise, surprise.  As no doubt we all suspected all along, writing a good story is merely the beginning of the journey!

In my journeys I’ve looked at numerous sites and blogs and so far Book Blogs  has been a great starting place for me, as has GoodReads.  Both have friendly communities of readers, reviewers and authors alike and plenty of good ideas on where to go next.

Visit Book Blogs

New Novel, New Blog, First Post

Ok, so here’s my first post. It’s now been about a week since my first sci-fi novel “Counterpointwent live on Smashwords, Amazon and Lulu. I’m still waiting for Smashwords to distribute to Apple ibookstore, Barnes & Noble etc. but I understand this can take a little time at first.

The exciting thing is with little or no effort to push the book I’ve had seventeen people take a peek at the free sample and notched up two sales through Smashwords. Here’s hoping I can push this number up higher as I get the book out there.